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The Bee Humble Story

Established in 2017, Bee Humble is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, built on the conviction that every person deserves a life filled with hope, happiness, and dignity. Bee Humble is dedicated to inspiring hope and restoring dignity by contributing to the well-being of the World’s most vulnerable people. Our commitment to our core values of compassion, integrity, humility, and resiliency is the foundation of all that we do. 

In November 2017, our founder Ryah Wang traveled to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to help refugees that were arriving from the genocide that was unfolding mere miles over the border in Myanmar. At the time of the genocide, the greatest need was that of a general health clinic and a therapeutic feeding shelter to assist malnourished children regain their strength. 

Through our local partner organization, Bee Humble was able to: 

  • Financially support 25 newborn babies and their families 

  • Provide day-care treatment to 1,260 starving babies 

  • Provide general medical services to 17,846 children, women and the elderly including about 10% of the host community 

  • Initiated a deworming program which distributed deworming Tablet/Liquid and Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) to 71,317 people. 


At the end of 2018, it became apparent that the acute emergency had ended and the needs of the people had changed. Interesting enough, their needs started to sound familiar. They started requesting things that weren’t being distributed by the large NGO’s. Things like cooking spices, feminine products, prenatal pillows, clothing, infant mattresses, toys for their children, and cloth diapers, just to name a few.

That was the time our founder thought: 

What if the people can live beyond just mere survival and begin to have hope and thrive again. We seek to restore that glimmer of hope, that sparkle in ones eye when they can see a potentially better future for themselves and their children. That hope is the fire that carries us further and picks us up out of our despair when all odds are against us. The deep knowing that others are here for you and here to help can be the difference between existing and living! 


And the idea for the future of Bee Humble was born; living beyond survival. 

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