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Restoring dignity 

contributing to the well-being of the World’s most vulnerable people 


The primary mandate of relief agencies and workers, is to keep refugees alive and safe until they can be repatriated, integrated into host communities, or relocated. However, over 1.9 Million refugees have been in camps for 5 years or longer. Refugees find peace, but not comfort in the camps, we aim to change that! 


Here at Bee Humble, we look beyond the basic needs that are essential in the emergency phase (items provided by global NGOs such as food, shelter, etc.) Bee Humble recognizes the importance of addressing and respecting the changing needs from the point of view of the refugee. 

The way we work is simple. We partner with local organizations to promote projects that support both the host communities and the displaced populations to live beyond just surviving.


“Our projects aim to make daily life more dignified by distributing items that increase physical comfort inside of the refugee camps. ”

Ryah Wang, Founder

 Infant Comfort Kits


For $25 Each kit contains

  • Infant Bassinet 

  •  Mosquito Net 

  • Infant Swaddle 

  • Infant Clothing 

  • Cloth Diapers

  • Blanket

  • Infant Mattress

  • Rubber Sheet 

  • All Purpose Bucket 

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Comfort Kits

Together, we can change everything

Bee Humble invites you to play a role in inspiring hope and contributing to the well-being of post-partum mothers and their infant children. Please join us. 

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